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This is a community where you can discuss anything. ANYTHING. There are only a few rules.

1. Don't fight. Debating is okay. No name calling. If you feel your blood boiling, stop the conversation. I don't want too much angsty drama here.

2. NO SPAM WHATSOEVER. You get one warning, then you're banned. And thats only if we decide we like you.

3. If you're going to post pictures of something, which is always nice, use the LJ-cut if its more than 300 pixels squared.

There, that's it.

Try to post as much as you can. Have fun.

We'll be having a contest every week for the most interesting topic and the most commented-on topic. You get a purple star for the most interesting and a blue or green star for the most commented-on.

Your mods love you!

and sleepingdeath

p.s. promote. we dont want this place to get dull, now do we!

using this link...http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v153/themoondulled/likewoahmorerandom/vote.jpg