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Help! My web-site team is trying to RUIN ME.

RRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! AAAARRRRRRRRR!!!! Have you seen what they've done to me!? Have you SEEN IT? I JUST saw it. Remember how I said I trained with my new-trainer, Rudy Perrero last-week? Remember that? Well 616-Studios (my web-site team) took it upon themselves to edit one AMAZING training-session into some sort of.....ATTACK on Howard Tuttleman. They didn't ask me for ANY input about what footage I wanted on the video, and just showed some really awful career-damaging scenes of me. And they doctored-it-up to make it look like I wasn't in-control. I WAS IN COMPLETE CONTROL. Click on this to SEE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE: ..

 I need the help of my-fans more than I have ever needed it. I'm going to make a list of all of the culprits involved in this video. I'm going to briefly list the ways they have wronged-me. Then I need YOU people to vote on who gets fired from 616-Studios. Please post all comments on my "comments-section" on myspace, or in the comments on my BLOG-page. Tell me WHO needs to be fired, and why. There are jobs are at stake, so please take this VERY seriously. Feel-free to get your friends and family to join-in and vote too. I'm sorry it had to come to this, but I MUST make an example out of one of these guys. Here's my list. 1. Josh- While you barely see or hear him, Josh sure wasn't doing anything to help. He was being very quiet the whole time, so maybe he was pondering all of the ways to RUIN me. 2. Bosco- It was obvious that Bosco wasn't looking-out for my safety the entire time. He ignored me every-time I called for a medic or for security. Then he goes and plays dumb. Also I have a feeling that he is the master-mind behind editing all of the corny-music and the uneccessary slow-motion. 3. Marcus- Marcus was extremely un-helpful. Not only that, but he was being extra-difficult. A true smart-alec. Did you hear him say "Howard, whatever you're doing, I don't want to do it"!? Did you hear him jump up-and-down for joy when I hurt my face? Did you hear him insinuate that he wanted to throw me to the ground!? Pay attention, people! 4. Rudy Perrero- Is this guy really what you would consider a "personal-trainer"? I didn't think so either. He didn't do anything but give me funny-looks ALL night. Hello! He also hurt my face! Did you SEE THAT? Then he repeatedly refuses to work with me! And I have to PAY this guy to train me! 5. The French-Man- Did he GET enough ridiculous close-ups!? Could he have made it ANY harder to under-stand what he was saying!? Not to mention....NOT TO MENTION, why the HECK did he feel the need to step AWAY from his ONE SIMPLE DUTY (running a camera) and physically ASSULT ME!? Well that's my list, guys. Get to your virtual voting-booths (my comment page or my BLOG-comment page) and begin deciding the fate of one of these "loyal-workers". Heck, vote for 2 or 3 of them if you'd like. Make-sure to leave your reasons with your vote so I can rub-it-in the face of the guys that gets fired. Later.
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